The thickness of a tree trunk usually makes us think that the tree is either strong or weak. During this step, the goal is growth. Growth can look different in many ways, but what we are concentrating on here is commitment.

Growth will come naturally through he relationships made within the body of Christ. Through those relationships, we encourage you to commit to a Sunday School class or a Small Group. These groups not only help you learn more, but they also take your relationships with fellow believers and with Christ to the next level. Sunday School and Small Groups is how you take the next step to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. 

This is also the time where we like to start talking about becoming a member of Elm Street. This may sound scary to some, but it is a spoken commitment to being a part of our church family. It only makes sense that if you attend services, sunday school and small groups at Elm Street, that you officially become a part of the body at Elm Street.

Growing Together

Growth comes relationally through the body of Christ.

Committing to a Sunday School class or a Small Group is the next step.

These groups provide encouragement and protection to your faith.

Click the graphic below to express your interest in a Small Group or a Sunday School class.