Elementary Children's Church

What is Children’s Church?

Children’s Church is a place for Elementary children to worship in their own style and learn truths about God and His word that can transform their lives. Children’s Church is at 10 am each and every Sunday Morning!

      People often use the phrase Y.O.L.O. right before they do something RISKY – something DARING! They may be scared to do it, but they face their fears and take a risk because – after all – You Only Live Once! 

      It’s true! You Only Live Once! You only get ONE LIFE to live here on this Earth. You HAVE to make it count! That’s why we are going to be studying some really cool stories from the Bible – in the Book of Esther! 

     In each lesson of this series, the children are going to look at a different character in the story. Each character will teach us some powerful lessons. Some through their GOOD example, and some through their BAD example!