Elementary Children's Church

What is Children’s Church?

Children’s Church is a place for Elementary children to worship in their own style and learn truths about God and His word that can transform their lives. Children’s Church is at 10 am each and every Sunday Morning!

      Kids have a fascination with bugs and insects. Remember how many times you went running in the fields to catch lightning bugs or grasshoppers? Many of us never would have thought that BUGS could be used to teach us valuable lessons about the Bible. But it’s true! That is what this curriculum series is designed to do...teach biblical truth in a creative and wacky way! 

Included in these lessons are various tools to help you instruct, as well as entertain the children as they

journey through the land of insects and bugs together. Each segment of the lesson is meant to reinforce the Biblical truth that is presented. 

We hope you and your kids enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed putting it together. It has proven to be a wonderful tool to help each kid live their life in step with what God has called them to be!