Life Groups

Why does ESCC put an emphasis on small groups?  The Church's mission is To Know Christ, and To Make Him Known.  This is a big part of what happens in Life Groups.  The groups are a great place to disciple (teach) believers.  Small groups help you in personal discovery.  You can learn and involve yourself in each other's lives.  Smaller communities are more effective in "being the church".  This is where we can love and serve each other.  This then, helps us to develop deeper friendships that provide accountability and transparency.  Deep friendships push us to be deeper and wiser.  Finally, Life Groups give us maximum participation.  Lives are sharpened and leaders are developed.   Our desire is to become a church of circles not just pews. 

If you are ready to get connected to a small group, please visit the Discipleship display in the Worship Center or email