What to expect on your first visit...

When you first arrive at Elm Street, you’ll be greeted at the door with a hand shake or high-five. Feel free to come on in and grab a cup of coffee and if you have any questions as you go, stop by our Welcome Center for assistance. As you make your way in to find your seats, sit as close to or far from the front as you’d like.

  • What to wear

    At ESCC, you’ll find people in jeans and t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, sundresses and sandals, and even the occasional 3-piece suit. We care much less about the clothes you wear and much more about the fact that you’re here. 

  • Music

    Elm Street's Worship Team is a group of people seeking to honor God with the talents and abilities that He gave them. Our worship can range from a full worship band to a stripped down, acoustic set.  Corporate worship is an important part of your walk with Christ.

  • Communion

    Every Sunday at ESCC, we join together in a time of Communion. This is a focused time to reflect on and remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Followers of Jesus are welcome to take the elements (small cup of juice and small piece of bread).  The elements are placed on tables along the walls of the Worship Center.